Business Analysis

Business Analysis

At DoTransition, our business analysis services are designed to ensure that your IT solutions are launched on time, within budget, and to your exact specifications. We have a dedicated BA team that conducts a thorough analysis of your business needs, objectives, and goals, collaborating closely with our developers throughout the entire project cycle. Our services produce actionable specifications, wireframes, requirements, and more to guide the development phase.

Defining Goals

Requirements Elicitation

3rd Parties Investigation

Requirement Prioritization

Our business analysts are involved in the project from the very beginning, enabling project teams and stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of the product, verify its alignment with business goals, and reduce risks. The most significant advantage is realized when business analysis is implemented as a continuous process throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Business Analysis is a sound investment

Meet Objectives:

Poorly defined solution requirements are the reason 79% of IT projects run over time and budget. When preparing product specifications, our team considers both stakeholder needs and business objectives. Further, we verify that the proposed technology system will help you achieve your goals. If it doesn’t, we’ll help you come up with an alternative solution that does.

Reduce Costs:

Conducting Business Analysis prior to developing a technology solution allows you to define the solution scope early on, thus avoiding feature creep and excessive rework as the project moves forward. As a mature IT consulting services company, Softeq will help you choose cost-effective technology tools: cloud platforms, hardware components, SDKs, etc.

Align Stakeholders:

Tap into our Business Analysis services to bridge the gap between your IT and business units so they can equally participate in product development — and reap equal benefits when the product is launched.

Values We Deliver


Clear Vision for Stakeholders

All stakeholders get a clear vision of the end product: how it will look, how it will work, how end users will see it and benefit from it, how it can be managed and scaled.



Project Costs Reduction

Continuous risk mitigation supports software engineering process from start to the very end. It addresses technical and non-technical project details, allowing to identify and eliminate possible risks before they could become a potential threat to project success.


Early Risks Identification

Top project risks are identified at early stages and the project team can develop a strategy to mitigate them. Risks analysis also allows considering safer planning and estimation approaches.



Quality Control

We have a well-established process ensuring the quality of products we deliver. We define test strategy and test plan for every project we start as well as a set of ongoing activities, such as test cases review, design review, unit testing, system testing, integration testing etc.)