Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning & AI

We are a team of data scientists, engineers and tech consultants helping businesses and startups adopt AI-driven solutions painlessly. Harness the virtually unlimited power of lightning-fast, self-learning
algorithms for computer vision, voice recognition, and real-time data analysis. We cover the below scenarios in AI services:

First-time Artificial Intelligence Adoption

We assess your technological maturity and readiness for AI-driven automation and follow you through all the stages of adopting artificial intelligence in your business operations, from analyzing your use case to developing AI-driven software and ensuring its positive user buy-in.

AI Audit & Reengineering

When you see your running AI system underperform or fall short of meeting stakeholders’ expectations, our consulting specialists come to review its algorithms, underlying business logic, architecture, usability, and security. We then correct, upgrade, or redesign the software to save your investment and prepare for further AI expansion.

Artificial Intelligence Expansion

We help you move past the proof of concept stage and scale your AI transformation company-wide for a broader and more rewarding impact. Our artificial intelligence consultants will work out the best long-term AI strategy to help you create a sustainable, cohesive AI-driven ecosystem for your business.

Our ML & AI Services


Use Case Definition

Together with your stakeholders, we’ll analyze and define your use case, to see how it fits into your broader industry and business context and if it can make an impact across your organization.

  • Stakeholder interview
  • Feasibility check
  • Competitor analysis
  • Infrastructure assessment

Data Preparation

We recognize that no artificial intelligence system can run on poor or corrupted data. That’s why we audit and verify your data along with the related workflows and supporting digital infrastructure.

  • Data collection and quality audit
  • Data cleaning
  • Data integrity validation
  • Data maintenance automation

ML Model Development

We offer end-to-end training of machine learning models for their further incorporation into enterprise AI-powered solutions for a variety of use cases.

  • Data labeling, clustering, and segmentation
  • Model testing and fine-tuning
  • Deployment and integration with enterprise systems

Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Setup

We set up resilient cloud-based infrastructures across private and hybrid environments for deploying and running our clients’ in-house AI systems.

  • ML training hubs
  • Big data storage
  • AI data pipeline management

AI Software Development

Our company builds, customizes, and redesigns AI-driven systems on a turnkey basis or as part of your in-house team at any project stage.

  • ML model integration
  • Multi-platform applications
  • UX/UI design and usability testing
  • Continuous improvement

User Training & Support

As an option, we provide post-deployment user training sessions to minimize users’ initial adoption barriers and maximize buy-in. We also provide continuous technical support services at all levels.

  • User guides
  • On-site and remote product demonstration
  • User feedback and request processing
  • Technical support

Our Benefits


Bias-free Model Training

When training our artificial intelligence models, we consider ethical and social implications of algorithm-based decision making. We design our solutions using high-quality data sets that incorporate diversity and fairness, as well as eliminating human cognitive biases.


Algorithm Explainability & Accuracy

We can’t completely solve AI’s black-box problem — no one can at the moment — but we guarantee the transparency and interpretability of our ML model training approach and data that goes into it. We also thoroughly test our algorithms until they reach a reliable accuracy of 98%+.


Regulatory Compliance

Working with clients across the world, our AI technology consulting firm acknowledges applicable data privacy regulations, such as the GDPR, HIPAA and other, in all automated solutions handling sensitive data. We also ensure our algorithms allow for the required level of decision-making transparency to maintain their compliance.


User Buy-In

Our AI consultants help companies mitigate the disrupting effect of AI adoption on their workforce. We advise on top change management strategies, employee upskilling (if required to operate AI), and user training in line with the data-driven organizational mindset.