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Custom Software Development

Custom software development solutions have become important for a business to meet its unique set of requirements. Every business is different and all the business processes cannot be generalized.
Custom software development can help to support and automate different business processes. You can automate tedious and repetitive processes to increase the efficiency and productivity of your professionals.


The experts at DoTransition brainstorm and assess your business-specific requirements and make recommendations. Our developers use the best practices and latest technology trends to deliver Tailored software solutions for your business requirements.

End-to-End Custom Software Development Services


Product Launch

Plan to launch a new product? We will help you mitigate risks and optimize costs with a Discovery phase and kick off the implementation:

  • Requirements analysis, concept validation, prototyping and/or proof of concept
  • Project starter with a core team
  • Development, testing, and maintenance

Need-based Solution

Have a specific business need or a technical challenge? We will thoroughly analyze it from different perspectives and offer the most efficient solution.

  • Automation of manual processes
  • Advanced analytics
  • Custom development for regulations/certification compliance

System modernization

Want to upgrade your system, make it more efficient, or scalable? Our engineering and delivery excellence is at your service.

  • Technology update & tech debt management
  • Legacy platform modernization
  • Migration to microservices and/or cloud

Rescue mission

Need to save your project and find the right expertise easily? We will help you with:

  • Audit and assessment of your code, infrastructure, people
  • Roadmap for the project transition (e.g. knowledge base, credentials, etc.)
  • Action plan for further development and maintenance

How it works

Discovery phase or project assessment

If you need to clarify requirements or do additional research to validate your product concept, we will help you by conducting a Discovery phase If you have any challenges with the existing project, we will assess your infrastructure and prepare everything for its further modernization and transformation.

Project starter

We will assign a software architect to your project, assemble a core team, and scale it according to your needs: Our top engineers will set up a proper SDLC for your project We will set the process according to the best industry practices: code review, code quality, security, CI/CD, disaster recovery, documentation, etc.

Development & testing

We will find the optimal team structure to fulfill the needs of your project Our experts apply the best practices and work according to Agile methodologies We use top technologies, programming languages, and frameworks, providing you with secure, full-stack SDLC Our specialists will create and adapt a test strategy, as well as automate the testing processes.

Release preparation

Documentation preparation Release testing: performance, accessibility, scalability, security Release strategy Final adjustments to the SLA


Production support Service operation support Adjusting production configuration / Validation of production setup